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21% Daily Protein = 1 Daily Shake

21% Daily Protein: made easy!

A shake a Day, DAILY, keeps your Protein in check.

Chocolatey, Almondy, Clean 100% plantbased protein milk. A luscious daily shake, that is strong on protein, health, offering you daily nutrition and taste!

Pea: Healthiest protein choice you can make, daily.

Drink 1 Protein Shake Daily.

Drink Anytime.

Carry Everywhere.

Breakfast protein. Mini-meal. Post-workout.

All powerful, yet natural plantbased ingredients blended into a protein milk that you can trust. By pretty much anyone!

It all began with incredible nutrition design.

benefits: feel strong, stay full, manage weight, protein up, everyday.

Feed your body, muscles, brain. Over 75% of us are protein deficient. We're often hungry, tired, and never at optimal performance. Have you wondered why you aren't comfortable hitting the gym Daily? Inflammation, lack of recovery, insufficient protein, insufficient quality nutrition causes lethargy and tiredness.

Let our Daily Protein Shake: our unique science-based plant-protein with superfoods blend change how you feel.

How Do you take our Daily Protein shake?

Every morning, at breakfast.

11AM or 4PM hunger pangs.


Add a quick, clean, 21% protein to your diet without fuss, harming your gut, or that of the planet.

DaILY SHAKE: it's for everyone

Our Daily Protein Shake has been built by a team of wellness enthusiasts who are fueled by science-based research. The Daily shake has been build keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of a wide variety of people. 


Meet the minds that make this team tick. Click something to get to know us better. 

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Apr 17, 2021

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Chances are, you are not a plastic fan. Neither are we. That brings to the table, one of the greatest dissonances we had to struggle with. Picking the right bottling material for STRIVE. We believe in a holistic process of wellness. It cannot be attained just by consuming the best possible protein for your body. It has to be good for the environment and the greater good for the society we work with.

Feb 13, 2021


We’ve just entered the month of love where we’re celebrating compassion, friendship, and admiration with people near...
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