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Science-based Credible Design

Daily Protein: Made Easy.

A Protein Shake a day, keeps your body in check.

Take your pick: Almondy, 100% plant-based protein milk.

Or a creamy 21g Protein Powder.

Both are strong on protein: offering you daily nutrition without any compromise on taste.

Science-based design in convenient & tasty formats.

benefits: feel strong, stay full, manage weight, protein up, everyday.

Feed your body, muscles, brain. Over 75% of us are protein deficient. We're often hungry, tired, and never at optimal performance. Have you wondered why you aren't comfortable hitting the gym Daily? Inflammation, lack of recovery, insufficient protein, insufficient quality nutrition causes lethargy and tiredness.

Let our Daily Protein Shake: our unique science-based plant-protein with superfoods blend change how you feel.

DAILY SHAKE: it's for everyone

Our Daily Protein Shake has been built by a team of wellness enthusiasts who are fueled by science-based research. The Daily shake has been build keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of a wide variety of people. 

Hear what our fans have to say

Nasir Masood: Athlete, Fit Dad

Being in the fitness line for a decade now and having consumed every regular protein powder in the market over the years, I can safely say I've finally found the cleanest and best tasting ready to drink protein powder there is out there. It can be used pre or post workout or as a mini snack anytime of the day to simply hit your protein goals. Doesn't matter if you're vegan or not (I'm not).Can't recommend this highly enough. Go ahead and try it, I guarantee you, you will LOVE it.

Nasir Masood

CrossFitter and Superdad

I was always sceptical about vegetarian sources of protein until I chanced upon STRIVE nutrition and their ready to drink shakes. If you are looking for the perfect post exercise or pre workout fuel.... here is the answer... @strive_fuel. It’s a perfect blend of balanced nutrition that delivers clean protein and superfoods. It also makes your mind and body happy. It’s the best protein shake for my pre or post Pilates session... super tasty (though I like the chocolate flavour more)& what more , you can take it as a mid meal too. A must try for the health and lifestyle concious ...

Shefali Shirke

Pilates and Fitness Trainer / Celebrity Trainer

STRIVE has played a major role in me consistently hitting my daily protein goals. The 3 of my puppers put together have enough energy to power a small country. Thanks to my vegan lifestyle I can keep up with the insane activity levels my kids put me through. They love being outdoors, going on treks and giving me company during my runs. Needless to say, my 5K timing has improved quite a bit since they’ve started joining me. A well balanced vegan diet has been at the core of this success.

Leena Vasishta

Fitness Enthusiast, Vegan & Dog Parent,

My vegan journey started overnight. I’m vegan mainly for the animals. When my yoga journey started, veganism for me turned to be spiritual as well. I learnt that when you torture a soul and put that into your body, you carry the sins long with it. . Being a fitness instructor, good protein is something that I need for my practice. When I first found STRIVE and saw how it was a plant based protein drink it just became a part of my practice without even a doubt. So grateful to STRIVE to bring this out and make it exist

Sai Gowri Kuruva

Yoga Teacher, Vegan, Health Enthusiast

I have been drinking Strive since September 2019. I was heavily overweight, had to lose 30 kgs and had starting working with a nutritionist who got me started on Strive. Today 4.5 months later I am 16 kgs lighter and hooked on to Strive! It is an acquired taste, and took me a couple of bottle to get used to it but now it is literally the highlight of my day. I drink it every morning after my workout, chilled is really the best version. I have now got my husband on it. The ingredients are so good too. My only issue was that it was only available direct from the seller but now they are on Amazon and when I need a rush order, I can just get it done. I always carry Strive with me whenever I travel, I literally don't want to miss it even for a day. Once again, prepare yourself for the taste, it takes a little getting used to but after that, you will be hooked!

Sunehra Koshi

Mother, Entrepreneur

"Revenge is a dish that tastes best when served cold" - Don vito Corleone . . Similarly strive tastes awesome when served cold 😬😬😬🤐 I am a non vegetarian trying hard to be a vegetarian first (never succeeded though) . Today tasted this plant based yummilicious on the go protein shake from @strive_fuel . It comes in two different flavors 1) Chocolate almond and 2) Vanilla almond. I normally disliked all the plant based drinks I had so far mostly because it doesn't taste good (being aware it's healthy). In strive, major ingredients are pea protein and almond milk. This one was super delicious and filling(very difficult to satisfy my tummy Maharaj) . The chocolate almond gives you thick creamy feel of good quality cocoa, though with a bit of aftertaste , but man I loved the vanilla one. Am a vanilla fan anyways . As they promised, this one is really delicious, thick and filling plus it comes with sufficient quantity of protein and Omega 3. Completely dairy free, lactose free and planet friendly.. loved it!! Product can be ordered from www.strive.store or or curefit app. Fitness freaks, health conscious people do try it out.. lot of hardwork behind this product and it came out super good !!

Aakash Nambiar (@barefootmallu)

Barefoot Runner, Cyclist, Fitness Enthusiast Tedx Speaker

“STRIVE is such a yummy shake, with good amount of protein and great size for on-the-go and so convenient! The best part is, it is completely plant-based!”

Raji (@geekyvegan)

Techie, Animal Lover, Nature Lover, Health Conscious

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