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Are you still having Maida Cookies? Maida Cookies VS STRIVE Cookies

Are you still having Maida Cookies? Maida Cookies VS STRIVE Cookies

Ready for a taste revolution? STRIVE cookies are not just a treat; they're a lifestyle upgrade. STRIVE Cookies redefine experience with their dairy-free and whey-free composition. STRIVE cookies are delicious, thick, filling as a complete protein-loaded snack, and 100% guilt-free. Each cookie has 6g+ of plant protein and is sweetened with jaggery. 100% maida-free. A BIG protein cookie that tastes good. Baked in small batches to perfection it can be eaten with Chai, coffee, post-workout, when you are craving guilt-free indulgence, and shared with friends & family.

STRIVE COOKIES: The No Maida High-Protein High Fibre Combination

Maida, or refined flour, omnipresent in conventional baking offers a pleasing texture and density. Yet, nutritionally, it presents a less favorable profile. It's high in calories—about 364 per 100 grams—and predominantly consists of carbohydrates, around 76 grams that are largely devoid of fiber. They do not offer the satiety or digestive benefits of high-fiber alternatives​​.

This leads to quicker returns of hunger, potentially disrupting a well-managed calorie deficit. Moreover, maida's contribution to cholesterol management is negligible, as it lacks the beneficial fibers that aid in cholesterol control​​.

STRIVE cookies appear to break the mold of traditional cookie composition. STRIVE cookies prioritize protein, with each serving encapsulating 6 grams of protein. A boon for fitness enthusiasts-it’s conducive to muscle maintenance and growth. 

STRIVE cookies have 19.5 grams of carbohydrates per serving, which is markedly lower than Maida's carb load. These carbs include 3 grams of dietary fiber which is 10% RDA fibre for an adult. Fiber not only fosters digestive health but also extends the feeling of fullness, aiding calorie deficit​​.

The Sweetness of Jaggery

In a world cutting down on refined sugars, STRIVE cookies shine with the golden goodness of jaggery. This unrefined sweetener isn't just about the rich, caramel taste; it's about honoring your body with a more natural choice. Savor the depth of flavor in every cookie, and feel good knowing you're avoiding the refined sugars that crowd other cookies.

Zero Cholesterol, Zero Worries

Wave goodbye to cholesterol concerns with STRIVE cookies. With 0mg of cholesterol, they are the heart-friendly choice. Whether you're watching your cholesterol for health reasons or lifestyle choices, these cookies fit seamlessly into your diet.


A Calorie Deficit Delight

For those on a calorie deficit journey, every calorie saved is a step toward your goal. STRIVE cookies, at 193 calories per serving, respect your regimen without compromising on taste. They're the sidekick you need in your weight management adventure, proving that a calorie deficit can still be delicious.


Conclusion: The STRIVE Advantage

In the duel between maida cookies and STRIVE cookies, it's clear who wears the crown. STRIVE cookies come out on top with a nutrient-dense profile tailored for the health-conscious era. They are a toast to the future of snacking — where taste meets health in a blissful union.

Embrace the cookie that supports your high-protein diet, respects your calorie deficit goals, takes care of your cholesterol levels, and brings the richness of jaggery into your life. STRIVE cookies aren't just a smart choice; they're the deliciously right choice for a healthier, happier you.

Experience the evolution of cookies with STRIVE — where every bite is an investment in your well-being. Don't just eat; indulge with intent. Make the switch to STRIVE cookies today and step into a world where nutrition and indulgence are one.


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