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We’ve just entered the month of love where we’re celebrating compassion, friendship, and admiration with people near and far. Many of us in the STRIVE family are making time to take our best friend, parent, partner, neighbour out for a moment to relax, a trek, and even plant-shopping. In 2021, we want you to indulge in self-love, and self-care. Self-care is a much needed way for us to love ourselves this year.

While a box of chocolates and flowers has its own old-world charm, we want to direct your focus towards more compassionate, Earth-loving and yet equally heart-warming choices.   

Here are 6 different ways in which you can make this whole season more meaningful, memorable, healthy and sustainable:


1. Gift your loved ones something to grow with: A Plant!

Flowers are so cliché, yes? We don’t always agree :) The reality is: cut-flowers ultimately die. 

Do you enjoy being around plants and nature or always talk about wanting to grow plants? Green has been the colour and an important theme for the last year. A far better gift is a houseplant, or succulent — or, better yet, a tree. A plant will stay alive with your love, an important ingredient, along with proper care. The act of nurturing something green will drive positivity into your life in a beautiful green way. It can help you drop your cortisol levels, in the least obvious way. You already know the benefits of the extra oxygen they breathe into our spaces. Trust us when we say that plants can make your corner, or someone else’s cornerbrighter, better place to live in!

STRIVE’s suggestion is not just to gift a plant but to take your special someone plant-shopping!  A favourite place of ours’ is: Beruru, an authentic garden and lifestyle space started by Radeesh Shetty. You can find them on Instagram: @beruru_ 



2. Cooking a healthy, fiery, yet healthy meal together

How often do we attempt cooking or try new recipes? Investing time is not all that easy within our zoom-call filled days. How about we help you save time and find a cookbook that won’t gather dust.

We suggest Plant-based Healthy Cookbooks and blogs which have delicious, practical, flavourful and well curated recipes. These recipes are not just delicious but they have a low-carbon footprint, lower water footprint, and they’re sustainable besides being highly nutritious.

We love Vegan Richa’s recipes for her numerous plant-based options that pack in a flavourful punch especially into her world-famous Indian recipes. Each of her recipes have us hungry at a glance. For wholefood plant-based, science-based balanced recipes, check out Dr. Greger’s cookbook. We also adore Sadia’s effortless recipes from her YouTube channel and platform Pick Up Limes. We’ve been following Sadia, Vegan Richa and Dr. Greger for years; trust us, you won’t be disappointed. How about date night, shopping for groceries, and cooking one of these meals together?

3. Go on a cute PICNIC with a colourful basket spread 

Okay, so the weather in February often leaves a lot to be desired, but when you get lucky with some sunshine and warmer temperatures, pack up on-the-go bowls, sandwiches, some drinks, and chocolate for something naughty. Our must have ingredient: pick a picturesque location in nature or the Great Outdoors to build up Vitamin D. The next step is to let your cortisol levels drop and relax.

Get away from the city and into the outdoors with our friends who help make this a breeze: give the CampMonk team, our dear friends, a buzz to plan a sunny day Outdoors all across the seasons. Do make sure you plan to take your garbage back home with you ;) 


4. 'Gift for the smoothie bowl' lover

Shop nut butters, a good plant-based powder (we're coming out with one soon), a variety of healthy sprinkles such as acai powder, cacao nibs, or a piece of melt-worthy chocolate for the smoothie bowl lover. Our Vanilla Almond shakes make such a great creamy milk and base for all kinds of smoothie, protein brownie, healthy coffee and pancake dates and experiments. 

Here's (below!) a protein packed, beautiful pink fruit trifle recipe for you to try.


5. Choosing Chocolate Cupcakes? We have a favourite!

We all love gifting our loved ones something sweet and also indulging in some chocolate ourselves. As chocolate lovers, we’re sure that you’re always on the lookout for yummy cupcakes, brownies or even cakes that are healthy and guilt free. 

One of our favourite places to indulge in guilt-free sweet treats, is Leena’s incredible variety of creamy plant-based dessert options offered at Crave by Leena. Interestly, she also has gluten-free and healthy options. We’ve celebrated many team birthdays’ with Leena’s caves and cupcakes. She has a Valentine’s Day Special which appears absolutely gorgeous and delicious. 


6. Pamper yourself and your partner with a flow class

The best and most beautiful way to unwind and de-stress yourself from all the hustle would definitely be to book a yoga and meditation class. Practicing yoga has been scientifically proven to help balance your mind, and reduce stress levels.  Why not feed your soul, improve your flexibility and ease out the tension inside-out with a friend and partner? 

One of our go-to yoga gurus is Namrata Sudhindra, a Health and Wellness Coach who’s studio, Nikaya Yoga is a favourite amongst the STRIVE family.  Currently they’re hosting a variety of online classes. Energize your heart chakra this season of love and spread the warmth all around. 

Go on, let us know how you end up spending time with loved ones this season. Keep STRIVING.

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