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Our Story



Growing up in a health-obsessed family, I chose Biotech engineering as my field of focus. Fitness, and well-being became topics I was naturally passionate about. In my early career, I went on to help commercialize global $B cancer drugs working thankfully with some of the most humble scientists, physicians, and drug-makers. About 7 years ago I became ill with a sudden onset of debilitating asthma. I struggled for over 2.5 years before discovering plant-based and vegan nutrition.

I spent a careful year writing to professors, delving deep into the science while I biohacked a nutrition plan to see if I could get past asthma focusing on nutritional changes. I had to be patient but the results shocked me. In 5 months, my symptoms disappeared, and in a year my health had completely stabilized. The idea of PlantByte Foods and Nutrition was born soon after this. 

Using my background in science, I was able to understand that plants truly do have super-powers! Today, I've put the knowledge (that I'm constantly gaining) towards STRIVE Plant-Powered Nutrition.

Nature contains all the plant-proteins, nuts, fruits, healthy fats and superfoods that we need. Following a largely plant-based diet has shown to have multiple benefits for managing chronic lifestyle diseases, and preventing them from occurring. Today, we have global athletes, Indian athletes, doctors, scientists, heads of disease associations and wellness gurus strongly recommending a plant-based diet. It isn't fiction, these are facts derived from decades of studies that are now available.

For an active, healthy lifestyle, balanced yet nourishing proteins and macro-nutrients are necessary. We need quality plant-proteins, healthy fats and superfoods without the toxicity of over-processed foods.

Before long, we brought together a highly ethical and knowledgeable team with versatile skills to build STRIVE. STRIVE launched the 12.6g—Daily Nutrition Shake: an all-day, anytime, great tasting, plant-based, high-protein beverage. So convenient, it enables people to live more healthily.

STRIVE—is here to inspire a culture of clean eating + active living. 

This is our story. 

 - Arthi Deiva



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