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Who Should take Protein?

The Reality is that Protein is Needed by Everyone

STRIVE is made from plant based protein sources, mainly premium yellow peas of and have a really low carbon foot-print. Our shakes don't have any added sugar or preservatives hence they are good for your digestive system and gut health.

Protein is needed by Everyone. There is a misconception that protein is only for those that workout:

Protein in the form of whole foods protein (dhal, legumes, peas, protein-rich vegetables, spirulina, other superfoods), protein powders or shakes are essential
for daily efficient cellular, muscular, hormonal, nerve and brain function. Protein is necessary for the health of our eyes, our skin and nails and beauty as well. When a diet is not rich in clean vegetarian protein, it is a good idea to supplement the diet with top up protein. Please note: we do not recommend complete substitution of whole foods such as vegetables, and legumes. On average, a person needs 0.9g - 1.2g protein per kilo of body weight. The more strenuous one's physical activity or if one is recovering from an injury, a surgery then one may need more than the average 1g protein per kilo of body weight.

Women especially are prone to Iron deficiency and tend to be protein-deficient. Peas are naturally rich in iron. Dairy-free vegan proteins for women are essential for avoiding hormonal disruption, avoiding acne breakouts, avoiding fatigue, avoiding hair loss. Men and women equally require quality protein and fats in their diet for healthy skin and hair. Plant proteins will support a healthy hormonal balance, satiate the body and help with weight management. Yes, protein shakes for weight loss and weight management are considered useful in any healthy diet plan.

Breakfast: Why a Protein Loaded Breakfast (First meal) is Important

Protein shakes can be used as breakfast protein, as breakfast shakes, to break intermittent fasting, or added to any breakfast meal to make the meal low-carb and high-protein. We have shown clients are able to reduce calories at breakfast and instead increase nutrition density and protein density respectively. We have first-hand witnessed that these simple but easy changes to meals has been proven to aid weight loss, weight management and some lifestyle conditions.

Dairy-free Vegetarian Protein

Our plant based shakes are essentially dairy-free, they are a pea milk which is a lactose-free milk, completely free of animal hormones. It is loaded with 21% Daily RDA recommended protein needs per bottle which is a shockingly ~120 kcal. This is 65% lower in calories compared to the average protein and breakfast bar which are usually very high in nut fats and calories.

Our shakes are naturally rich in iron, have 100% high vegetable protein which is 100% vegan, Jain-friendly, vegetarian and free of any animal by products including honey. Pea protein is known to the best vegetarian protein and vegan protein source trusted by athletes, plant-based wellness enthusiasts, vegans and non-vegans. Our proteins are soy-free and gluten-free as well and offer 98% digestible properties that do not cause bloating on the stomach. We do not use unnecessary enzymes (as it is not required with our digestibility) and our ingredient-list is simple, and short. It is a healthy choice for protein powders, healthy protein choice for men and for women. We are the only brand in the market offer dairy-free liquid protein shakes for kids as it is high in calcium, high in iron, sweetened naturally, dairy-free, lactose-free and convenient to travel with. Stevia and stevia leaf extract is a popular safe and healthy sweetener recommended by nutritionists and doctors

Meal Replacements: How to manual.

STRIVE products can safely be used as meal replacement shakes with the addition of plant milks, and a source of fibre such as fresh fruits (eg apples, pomegranate), vegetables such as spinach. You can use any milk such as oat milk, almond milk, rice milk to thicken the shakes and turn them into breakfast smoothies or into a protein-snack. Our products are guilt-free, rich in Omega-3s, real almonds, real superfoods and made with a Premium High grade European protein that is very rarely utilized in India. We suggest recipes that let you add superfoods, super fats, and fibres to each of our products such that they can nutritionally replace a meal. 

For quick protein top ups or protein snacks:

Add our liquid protein shakes as a creamer or as a milk to your coffee, cereal, smoothie or to pancakes/sweet dosa batters to make a protein dosa batter. Add a tablespoon or 2 spoons of the 21g Protein Powder to your Daily coffee or hot beverage to make it creamy and boost with at least 10g of protein.

Anyone looking to switch to a high protein vegan diet, high protein vegetarian diet or any high protein diet, even a flexitarian, egg-based or meat diet can comfortably use our proteins. Many clients switch to STRIVE while looking to reduce or remove whey protein, dairy-protein, egg-proteins and subsequently reduce bloating, indigestion, acne breakouts, reduce uric acid levels, and/or because their nutritionists/wellness coaches and Doctors suggested they increase vegetarian proteins. They also make the switch and stay with us since STRIVE is founded on scientific-principles and designed by a Biotech and ethical team.

Our products are allergen-friendly, processed in an FSSAI approved standardized factory that manufactures exported products. STRIVE is a trusted 100% plant powered and plant nutrition brand that has never used whey protein or animal milk derivative ingredients.

Each time you choose more legumes, more pulses, veggies as your sources of protein, you are supporting the planet's health by opting for a sustainable protein. This is one of the most impactful ways of supporting the planet.



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