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How Pea Milk is The King of Plant Milks; Here are 5 Reasons Why.

How Pea Milk is The King of Plant Milks; Here are 5 Reasons Why.

World Plant Milk Day (Aug 22) is an international day that celebrates plant-based milk alternatives to dairy milk. World Plant Milk Day has drawn millions globally to ditch dairy and to instead, adopt plant-based alternatives.

The title may say Pea Milk for World Plant Milk Day, but by the end of the article, we would like you to consider this healthy lifestyle choice as an everyday go-to source of nutrition. With the increased awareness of lactose intolerance, harmful environmental effects of dairy farming, PCOS/PCOD and the improvement in plant-milk taste signatures, more and more people are actively exploring plant-based alternatives to conventional dairy. 

We at STRIVE take pride in making the creamiest most delicious protein enriched pea-milk in the country. Our Daily Shake is essentially a Pea Milk enriched with additional nutrients: Almonds, Calcium and Flax oil to bring in extra Omega-3s. Our daily shake is made from Yellow-Split Peas. Here are a few reasons why we chose the pea as the base of our nutritious, protein-packed daily shake.

  1. Great Protein Source: Peas are a really great source of plant-based protein. It is easily digestible and readily available in the forms of protein supplements like STRIVE’s daily shake. In fact, pea-based protein powders have become one of the go-to sources of protein for people who have been exploring a healthy source of protein. Regular protein intake is shown to help regulate appetite and help avoid untimely cravings; ultimately, promoting weight loss (1). Peas also have the highest amount of lysine and arginine among other plant sources. Lysine is one of the BCAAs, which helps in wound repair, supports bone health and improves immune response. (2)
  2. More Environmentally Friendly: The dairy industry is one of the biggest causes of deforestation and cows emit methane that directly contributes to global warming and climate change. Water use efficiency for yellow peas is much higher and the process has a really low carbon footprint. 
  3. Allergenic free alternative: More than 68% of the global population is estimated to be affected by lactose intolerance (3). Those who are looking for dairy-free alternatives have a wide variety of choices nowadays including almond, soy, rice, oats and pea milk. Our pea milk is a great hypoallergenic alternative (no dairy, no lactose, no whey, no soy, no gluten, and some nuts) that helps satisfy all your requirements without any harmful side effects. STRIVE’s Daily Shake contains almonds too.
  4. Blood-sugar levels: You don’t get the same blood sugar spike from eating split peas and other legumes as you would from eating the same amount of carbs in the form of bread, pasta, or potatoes. Diabetics who resorted to a regular, long-term intake of pulses saw a positive impact with their blood sugar control (4).
  5. Give it Time: Nutritionists say, the body needs time to adjust to the digestive challenge that pulses present. One issue that usually arises is when people hear about a dietary plan and immediately jump on the bandwagon. If your body is not used to it, give it time and let the plant-based diet do its magic. We recommend the classical 30 days to give yourself the time needed for the body and mind to see benefits. 


STRIVE Daily Shake is a great source of plant-based protein, and we have ensured that we pack our daily shakes with the additional nutrients you require. STRIVE has 98% digestible pea protein with 2g of naturally occurring BCAAs in every serving. Our daily shakes are mostly nut-free with the goodness of almonds to give it the creamy richness. We have topped it off with natural sweetness, energy sources and the extra calcium you require.

To learn more, reach out to the plant-based experts at STRIVE to schedule a quick informative chat. Drop an email to or call us at +91-84315-88265. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter!

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