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Most Asked Questions! FAQs


What Benefits can I expect to experience?

  • Increased, balanced energy (from the Protein & Naturally High Iron found in Peas)
  • Lower hunger pangs/cravings
  • Faster recovery from daily routine, less tired days
  • Better muscle recovery, less tiredness, more muscle growth (if working out). 
  • Weight loss/better weight management if used to reduce size of meals 
  • Improved Iron and Calcium Blood levels
  • No bloat, indigestion, acne/skin breakouts (seen with dairy, or whey)
  • May see improved hormone balancing. 
  • Can support recovery from PCOD & PCOS, & hormone imbalances (often triggered by dairy or whey)
  • May see improved cholesterol if used to replace significant amounts of dairy, eggs, whey from diet.
  • More happiness hormones! From the dark cocoa found in the Chocolate flavour.

How do I incorporate the Daily Nutrition Shake into my diet? 

  1. Our Daily Protein Shakes are ideal for A) Breakfast B) Mid-Day Protein Snack C) Pre-& Post-workout fuel D) Mini-meal on the go

  2. Convenient mid-day snacking solution in a small, convenient bottle, under 126 kcal. Perfect for meeting Daily Protein, mini-meal needs, & healthy weight management. 

  3. Pit-stop Daily snack:  at the gym, on a trek or a work ride.

  4. Ultimate protein for vegans - being dairy & lactose-free. It’s made with one of the greenest sources: pea protein. PS: Most of our customers are Non-vegans.

How are you different from other protein shakes and powders?

We are 98% digestible with a high bioavailability. Ultra-clean and of the highest quality that is safe for kids as young as 10Y, chefs or athletes to use. We've added Superfoods: Almonds + Flax oil + Calcium to make it a complete Daily protein drink.

We've got the Best Taste! Take the Challenge!

No mixing. No Scooping. No messes. 

No blending with milk water + other nutrition.

You get a protein based powders (which you reconstitute in milk or water). The majority of these contain whey (from milk) or soya bean or a mix of both of these. The plant based protein in our drink comes from dried peas or vatana or mutter; a staple in the Indian cuisine. It is free of anti nutrients like phytoestrogens and anti-nutrients. 

How should I store the products? Refrigerate? I noticed a few particles and settling (layer separation) in my drink. Is this normal?

The products can be stored at room temperature. We recommend serving it chilled when you try it for the first time if you have not tried vegetable proteins which can be a mild acquired taste for some (we promise you will love it!) 

Just like fresh juices: the separation is normal. Just give it a good shake before drinking it.

Can kids drink this beverage?

Our shakes are completely safe for consumption by everyone. However, protein needs vary depending on various factors like age, height, weight, activity level etc. Children above 10Y can definitely consume a shake/day. We do recommend consulting your nutritionist if children below 10Y want to consume the shakes.

Why do you use plastic? Do you recycle?

We use Food grade, BPA free virgin -- food safe plastic, which is commonly used in Baby feeding bottles (yes that is how safe our plastic is!).

Of course we tried using glass bottles: Glass is heavier and takes more fuel, more energy to transport. It's brittle and may not be safe for athletes or kids to carry it around. At small scales, the carbon footprint for manufacturing in glass bottles is higher than recyclable plastic bottles. We can help you connect to local recycling partners. Recycle responsibly. 

Choosing a plant-based food product >>> has the biggest positive environmental footprint. That's the most important decision you are making! Support plant-based!

Does it have refined sugar?

No. We don’t use refined white sugar. We use stevia and apple juice. The 'sugars' in the nutrition table are fruit sugars that come from apple juice. They are not the same as white table sugar (sucrose).

Is Stevia safe for Daily Consumption?

Yes, Stevia is one of the very few 100% natural sweeteners found in the plant kingdom which the Indian Nutrition authorities recognize as completely safe. The Daily Shake can be consumed 2-3X a day very safely. 

When should I buy a pack of 30? When should I move up to a 60?

Our products are designed for DAILY nutritional use. 1-2 Shakes a day for 30 days in a month let's you experience DAILY benefits. We believe that nutrition is a Daily affair and not once or twice in a week. A 60 pack and 120 pack are great for those looking to save money, time, looking to stay in stock and seeking faster delivery. Many customers move up to the larger packs once they finish the 30 day trial. 

The content of one of my bottles appears curdled/spoiled. What does it mean?

1/400 bottles can curdle. It's part of the natural batch making process. We do not use any preservatives and use a heat treatment and seal the bottles tight in order to prevent spoilage (the plastic film is sealed onto the mouth of the bottle). Our shakes undergo a 4 step QA process where they are checked many times from the manufacturing plant, to our warehouse and before they get shipped. 

Sometimes, although rare, the film may open up in transit. If curdling is found, please do not consume the product. It means that the protective barrier is broken and the bottle would have spoiled. It does not mean that the rest of your shakes would have spoiled. Some juice brands will see up to 25% spoilage. 

Send us a photo of the liquid (a top shot) for QA. We will either reimburse the bottle within 24-48hrs, or if you are a Subscription/Regular customer, the bottle is replaced in your next order.


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