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A Note to Customers

We hope that everyone out there is safe at this difficult time. This has been a testing time, and we are firstly most appreciative of our customers who support our plant-based, sustainability-focused business.

"This period has made our team huddle and think even more deeply about our mission as a company, our values on health, on the environment, on plant-based for the sustainability of the planet, on plant-based for safety, and how plant-based is truly the need of hour on so many levels. On one hand, going dairy-free has it's own immunity boost-benefits. If you were thinking about an eco-friendly diet, one that keeps pandemics far, makes our health better and protects that of the planet, now is the time to please choose plant-based foods," Arthi, Founder.

Safety Promise

Our product quality promise remains the very same while our safety promise has been strengthened. Our products are already hygienically processed, heat treated for safety. But STRIVE started applying an additional layer of COVID-19 relevant stringent boxing and packaging measures since March 2020. Our packing facility is sanitized multiple times daily, packaging staff is clothed hygienically, and masked before operating in the facility. We advise you to open the boxes, wash hands, bring the shakes into your home, throw the boxes away and wash your hands again for additional safety.




What has changed at STRIVE due to COVID-19?

Change in Shipping Timelines

Due to the current circumstances, orders are taking much longer than usual to reach customers. Within Bangalore, we are facing issues with hyperlocal delivery services such as Swiggy-Go and Dunzo, in terms of availability, reliability, and heightened costs. Sadly, we are unable to service same day deliveries, though we are able to ensure a 48hr promise to some (60 pack customers). Despite this, some delays may happen and we request your support. 

60 Pack:  Up to 15 Shakes X 4 Deliveries (on request)

30 Pack: 30 Shakes X 1 Delivery 

6 Pack: 6 Shakes X 1 Delivery

For other orders, (30-pack and 6-pack) we will be servicing through a new safe and reliable delivery partner, who will take 2-3 days, within Bangalore. These order sizes are delivered in one-batch. Sadly, we are not able to control the occasional delay beyond this.  

We will ensure smooth tracking from our side till you receive your package.

PAN-India Customers

Orders will take a little longer than usual; 5-12 days based on your location. We will ensure smooth tracking from our side till you receive your package.


Our products have an updated 6 month expiry window now and at the time of delivery, we promise that you will have a minimum 30 days shelf life. This is our standard customer policy. These shakes can be kept outside in a dry area away from direct sunlight and will remain safe until the 'Best Before Date' on the shakes. Most customers keep at least 6 in the fridge for chilling/immediate consumption, store the rest in their kitchen with their breakfast materials.


A Note on Carbon Footprint


Each delivery of a STRIVE pack places a delivery boy or a van on the street in city or across-the-state and there is an equal carbon footprint. Now more than ever, we request you to pre-plan when possible and order a little more than required and keep them in stock during this uncertain time. The lower the number of  deliveries there is a lower carbon emission footprint. Recycle these 100% recycle-friendly plastic bottles (and cartons - 100% recycled) with your local plastic collector in your community.


Thank you for your understanding.


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