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A Team of Nerds

An ethical, knowledgeable, passionate team with the mission to create a healthier community through smart, functional and holistic plant-based products.

Arthi Deiva

Arthi is the Founder of STRIVE. She is a Biotechnologist, a Plant-based Evangelist and a Fitness Enthusiast

Aishwarya B

Aishwarya manages Product Development & Customer Relations and is passionate about plant-based food and food technology. She is a Biotechnologist and an Outdoor Enthusiast.

Dr. Sripriya Venkiteswaran

Dr. Sripriya consults with STRIVE and brings her expertise in Nutrition Principles and Product Design in making STRIVE the most trusted brand when it comes to clean protein. She is an avid speaker.

Prashanth B

Prashanth consults with STRIVE in R&D and is an expert at Product Design and Delivery. He is a passionate runner.

The team is unified by a singular focus on making clean protein available through the most sustainable means. 

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