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Celebrate World Environment Day with STRIVE

Sustainability Story

Being vegan and going plant-based brings in a default disposition towards sustainability and caring for the earth. Here's how our shake and the packaging it comes in are good for you and for the planet.

The Pea Shake

Yellow Peas

Here are the facts around our ingredients.

  • Did you know that pulses are an excellent protein source with a low footprint, in both carbon and water?
  • The water footprint to produce a Kg of beef is 43X higher compared to that of pulses, such as peas.
  • The water footprint to produce a Kg of chicken is 11X higher compared to that of pulses, such as peas.
  • STRIVE uses clean, natural ingredients throughout the process. 

STRIVE is made from plant based protein sources, mainly premium yellow peas and hence have a really low carbon foot-print. Our shakes don't have any added sugar or preservatives hence being good for your digestive system and overall gut health.

This is our pledge to helping the planet eat more sustainable natural foods.

Each time you choose more legumes, more pulses, nice veggies as your sources of protein and food, you are supporting the planet's health. This is one of the most impactful ways of supporting the planet.



The Packaging


Chances are, you are not a plastic fan. Neither are we. That brings to the table, one of the greatest dissonances we had to struggle with. Picking the right bottling material for STRIVE. We believe in a holistic process of wellness. It cannot be attained just by consuming the best possible protein for your body. It has to be good for the environment and the greater good for the society we work with.

We chose plastic containers after carefully considering the pros and cons associated with glass bottles, cans and tetrapaks. Here's a brief summary of our key discussion points:

Tetra paks: Tetra pak is making innovations with packs that are made from recycled materials and biodegradable to different extents. However, as a startup, our accessibility to that is limited by 3 major factors.

  • Lack of Co-manufacturers in India offering sustainable options.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • Capital investment required raises the entry barrier.

Cans: We like the sporty, cool look of cans and also their robust nature.

  • Limited Co manufacturing options
  • The high initial investment required to get the operation up and running.

Glass: Glass made it to our final list. Considering the delivery reach we were aiming for:

  • The weight and density of glass increases the carbon footprint involved in transportation.
  • The fragility of the material renders it vulnerable to breakage in transit.
  • Very limited co-manufacturing options.

Plastic containers are formed from petroleum extracts. Hence there is an environmental impact as petroleum is non-renewable. Plastic is lightweight and performs the best in terms of carbon emission during transportation. Plastic also has lesser breakage and leakage issues in comparison to glass containers.

Recycling Plastic

You are never too old to learn how to Re-Cycle. Effective recycling is great for the planet. Here are a few quick tips on recycling dry waste, especially plastic. We have tied up with Saahas, our sustainability partner, to educate, build awareness and sustainably recycle plastic bottles. You can reach out to Saahas or your nearest Dry Waste Collection Centre for more information. Here’s a quick 101 on recycling dry waste. 

  1. Find your nearest DWCC (Dry Waste Collection Centre.)
  2. Wash, rinse and dry bottles or any kind of plastic packaging. This step is important. Any food particles left behind in the packaging can impact the recycling process adversely. 
  3. Handover your segregated dry waste to the nearest DWCCs or Kasa Rasa (Managed by Saahas).
  4. You can motivate the association of your residential complex to partner with an empanelled vendor like Saahas Zero Waste to manage their waste.

Our shakes are designed to be 100% guilt-free. You can make them truly guilt-free by recycling your bottles. We partner with experts and organisations in driving sustainability. Your segregated dry waste can be handed over to the nearest DWCCs (Dry waste collection centre). Every ward in your city should have one DWCC managed by the local civic body. 

Holler at us if you need help in finding your nearest DWCC.


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