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Ingredients - STRIVE Products



European Pea Protein

We use a 100% plant-derived and natural European Pea Protein, grown, purified all the way from Europe. It is certified 98% digestible and is easy on the gut and stomach.

It’s a high Quality WADA certified protein that is a great Alternative and anti-inflammatory choice to whey’ protein.




Brown Rice Protein

We use a clean natural Brown rice protein extract that helps round the Amino Acid profile of our proprietary protein blends. It has already been lab tested for heavy metals. 

Brown Rice Protein is also known for it’s great malty taste!



Apple Juice Concentrate

Our Apple juice has a GI certification of < 41 units. It does not cause blood sugar spikes and it is safe on Type 2 Diabetics and for anyone watching their sugar levels. 


Fructo oligosaccharide (pre-biotic fiber)

It's derived from plants that you eat every day, like bananas, onions and chicory root! These are made up of plant sugars, and act as food for the good bacteria in your intestine, helping them to grow. They help control cholesterol and facilitate weight loss. 




Whole Californian Almonds

This superfood is a nutrition powerhouse - rich in fiber, protein, healthy fats, vitamin E, antioxidants. The almond is going to be around for a long time: from bodybuilders eating handfuls of Almonds to grandma’s kitchen, it is also a time-tested traditional superfood, used in many global wellness pantries.



Stevia Leaf Extract - Meethi tulsi leaf extract (Natural Sweetener)

Stevia leaf extract also known as Meethi tulsi leaf is a 100% natural sweetener derived from plants. It is one of the few safe and 100% approved natural sugar free substitutes approved for use in foods & organic supplements. We use a safe water based extraction to bring you the  best of nature in its most natural form. Great for Low Carb, Pre-Diabetics & Calorie Watchers, Women, Pregnant Women & Kids.




Peanuts with Skin

Indian peanuts with anti-oxidant peanut skins are a whole-food superfood loaded in protein, fibre, and a small dose of resveratrol found in their skins. This is another time-tested superfood.

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