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STRIVE is at the forefront of wellness and nutrition: we craft solutions that encapsulate nature’s powerful offerings. Our commitment is to deliver foundational nutrition that is deeply rooted in science. We offer Daily Nutrition as well as Targeted supplements with long-term wellness benefits.

Our Top Ingredients!

European Pea Protein

We use a 100% plant-derived and natural European Pea Protein, grown, purified all the way from Europe. It is certified 98% digestible and is easy on the gut and stomach.

It’s a high Quality WADA certified protein that is a great Alternative and anti-inflammatory choice to whey’ protein.


Whole Californian Almonds

This superfood is a nutrition powerhouse - rich in fiber, protein, healthy fats, vitamin E, antioxidants. The almond is going to be around for a long time: from bodybuilders eating handfuls of Almonds to grandma’s kitchen, it is also a time-tested traditional superfood, used in many global wellness pantries.

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