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Peanut Butter FAQ's

  • Is Strive Peanut Butter vegan?
    Yes, our peanut butter is vegan-friendly and contains no animal-based ingredients.
  • Is it dairy-free?
    Absolutely, our peanut butter is dairy-free.
  • What about soy?
    No worries, our peanut butter is soy-free as we don't use soy lecithin or derivatives.
  • Is it sugar-free?
    We offer both sweetened and unsweetened options. The unsweetened version has no added sugar.
  • How to store it?
    No need for refrigeration. Store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Use a fresh spoon each time.
  • Oil on the surface?
    Natural oil separation occurs due to stone-ground peanuts; no added oil. We avoid additives and hydrogenation.

For sweetened peanut butter: Contains peanuts, jaggery, and brown salt. That's it!

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