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Stevia Drops FAQ's

  • Can this be used on a keto diet?
    Yes, Stevia is suitable for the keto diet and it is also diabetic-friendly because of the zero sugar and zero carbs content in it.
  • How does it taste?
    It tastes sweet. Though, not exactly like sugar and might leave a slight aftertaste.
  • Is it plant-based?
    Yes, stevia is a plant-based product.
  • Is it 100% Natural?
    Yes, Stevia is a USFDA sweetener. It is completely natural and has zero calories and also low glycemic index.
  • Can it be utilized in preparing coffee, tea, cakes, and confections?
    Stevia is an excellent alternative to sugar. Being zero caloric and having no aftertaste makes it ideal for coffee, tea and sweets.
  • Can it be used in both Hot and Cold beverages?
    Yes, Stevia has no aftertaste and hence can be used in hot/cold beverages and sweets without having to worry about the aftertaste. 
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