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Celebrate World Environment Day with STRIVE

Yikes! What to do about (Annoying) Shipping Delays. July 21' note.

Dear STRIVE Fans and Clients:

I wanted to share a quick update on the shipping delays some of you have been facing in the last few weeks. As you are aware, the second wave of the Novel Corona - 19 virus had everyone in the country grappling with the unknown. 
Without question, we have been in the essential services category and we shipped nationally, serving many many clients: kids, patients, subscribers, hospitals; it didn't matter which town you had moved to, we wanted to get you and your family your shakes.

a) Yes there are some delays across shipping partners, still.

It is frustrating and annoying, I know, but this is for a few % of customers.  We use multiple shipping partners and do not have our own Brand delivery partner the way a Bread & Daily Grocery company might. The Customer & Operations team at STRIVE works hard to track your orders, and check on it till it arrives.
What's happening: City Check-Post, Smog, Thunderstorm, vaccination checks on delivery teams, or many other non-climate change related reasons could have stopped the delivery person from getting there.  

b) Do your escalations (and ours) work? Yes and no.

We give you 100% visibility to what we know. But 95% of the time we are 2 steps ahead of you to ensure you're sorted. The remaining 5% depends on the 'mood' of the delivery person.

c) Have you been stood up after waiting for that favourite tee to arrive in the mail?

Dear ADARSH, Your favourite tee will arrive today by 2PM
Call Customer care 1-800-467-0000
Dear ADARSH, We understand you re-scheduled your delivery to another date. We will reattempt your delivery in 48 hours.  
Call Customer care 1-800-467-0000
You: NO, I did not request this! Panic attack. [We hear you!]
Yeah, we feel scammed too. We hear your pain. But, it happens to all of us and it's an issue that the CEOs of Delivery businesses must be trying to solve. We can't fix this one as much we would like to.

Here's what you CAN DO.


d) Try the Re-charge plan & don't bank on a perfectly timed shipment 3 days before your travel!

Stay stocked in advance. Plan us into your once in 3 month to dos. Save a whopping amount in INR/shake and let our team ensure you are stocked always as we will ship out your shakes dayyyyysss ahead of when you are going to run out.
Message your client manager and try it out. You wont' regret it. Learn More here.

e) We will soon be on Big Basket & Swiggy.

Big Basket in Bangalore, Bombay, Gurgaon. This month of August 2021. And Bangalore clients, you can Swiggy us in a jiffy! Soon!

f) Ship within 24 hours in Bangalore

If you are in Bangalore, and have an urgent request: Order the 6 pack, select 24 hour shipping at checkout. We will ensure same day or 24 hour delivery.

g) Fact you should know: We ship to patients & hospitals.

I am so proud of our team: We kept our doors open to make essential deliveries on Sundays right through hospital and ICU doors, to patients and caregivers during the Peak of Wave 2. We held our promise from the 1st wave. If you have a loved one that needs extra attention and they're in any kind of care -- talk to our team Customer team.
Yours sincerely,
PS. Climate Change is not a joke!
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